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Guilty Gear

1st Class


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✐ First Impressions

☭ VISUAL: Potemkin's proportions are dumb. He has an absurdly muscular and triangular torso on top of decently long legs, all totaling to eight feet of beef. (With armor/boots/pointy hat he can reach almost 9').
☭ FASHION: In Crosscheck he's usually in uniform. Even the most dressed down he gets is about the level of a collared shirt and slacks. He tends toward slightly old-fashioned elements such as double breasted coats, bowties, and suspenders.
☭ DEMEANOUR: Discernibly disciplined.
☭ AURAL: (Japanese, English)
☭ OLFACTORY: Sweat. Alternatively, deodorant.
☭ MENTAL INFORMATION: Potemkin is a normal human (in this sense at least) and doesn't have any special immunity or resistance to any of that stuff. Please ask before having your character use such powers so that we could write about it.
☭ MAGICAL INFORMATION: Same as the above.


☭ FOURTHWALLING: If your character mained Potemkin they are awesome. If they used him as a training dummy: booo.
☭ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: He's actually very huggable so go for it.
☭ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: It wouldn't be a fighting game without random people trying to punch him in the face for flimsy reasons, so sure.
☭ RELATIONSHIPS: As a character Potemkin is generally disinterested. As a player I am totally indulgent about shipping so feel free to ask if you're interested in something.

IC Inbox

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Please leave any comments/criticism about my writing here! This is a very new character so I'll be excited to hear anything.


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  • Potemkin is an 8 foot tall dark-skinned man with arms the size of his torso each.
  • His hair is dark brown and cut very short.
  • He has a barcode tattooed on his left shoulder that reads #4595605381, his original name. Although he definitely didn't get that willingly, he doesn't seem to resent it and even wears a similar pattern on his clothes sometimes.
  • Although it's hardly the first thing that gets commented on, he has very strange eyes that are completely white, with no irises or pupils. There is no explanation for this I'm sorry.

Very expressive regardless.


Xrd: ENGAGE (My favorite please click)
Guilty Gear 1: In Slave's Glory
Pretty much everything else: Burly Heart

Guilty Gear characters are usually themed around bands or musicians, so Potemkin is generally accepted to be a walking reference to Led Zeppelin.


Potemkin is traditionally voiced by the same voice actor as Faust - Takashi Kondou. Here is a library of samples of Potemkin's sweet voice telling you how to purchase Guilty Gear Xrd while wishing you a happy birthday (none of the above is a joke.)

Potemkin's only English voice actor is Kirk Thornton AKA Jade Curtiss AKA Shadow the Hedgehog. He does an interesting thing of alternating between an ultra smooth speaking voice and a gruffer fighting voice. You can hear a decent sampling of each in his Instant Kill.